The Colorado Department of Transportation is launching an Interregional Express (IX) bus service to connect commuters along the I-25 Front Range and I-70 Mountain Corridors. By linking major local transit systems together, the Bustang service responds to demand from the traveling public to have a reliable transit alternative along the highest traveled corridors in the state.

Bustang Travel Tips

Some quick tips for North, South, and West Line: http://ridebustang.com/tips-traveling-bustang

Who runs Bustang service?

Bustang is managed by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), an agency of the State of Colorado. CDOT has contracted with Ace Express Coaches to operate bus service for all Bustang routes.

How many buses are in operation?

The Bustang service has 13 over-the-road coaches in rotation on each route. Each coach has a 51-passenger capacity, and comes equipped with restrooms, bike racks, free WiFi, 110v outlets, USB outlets, and are wheelchair accessible.

Who should I contact if I want to be a Bustang Driver?

All driver hiring inquiries should be referred to vswanson@aceexpresscoaches.com or (303)421-2780 ext. 115. You may also fill out an online application here: http://www.ridebustang.com/employment-application 

What amenities are provided on the Bustang buses?

Each Bustang coach is equipped with a restroom, bike racks, free WiFi, power outlets and USB ports. There is also a wheelchair lift and two wheelchair securement areas on each coach (ADA guide available here). Please be advised that our WiFi system is dependent on local cellular signals. In areas with poor cellular service, WiFi may be intermittent or nonexistent.

Food/Beverage Policy

You may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages on the Bustang buses. We do respectfully request that you avoid eating soups and other foods with sauces that may spill on the seats. We recommend using non-spill beverage containers as well. Please make sure to throw your trash away when exiting the bus. 

Drug/Alcohol Policy

Although food/beverages are allowed on Bustang, no alcoholic beverages or drug-containing foods/beverages (i.e. edibles) may be consumed while on board a Bustang bus. Smoking and vaping of any kind are not allowed on Bustang, and passengers caught "hot-boxing" the restroom will be removed from the bus. Any passengers with drug paraphenalia in plain sight will also be asked to exit the bus. We will not search your belongings, but do ask that you are respectful of these policies as we are a federally insured motor carrier and follow federal regulations. 

Can I bring luggage on Bustang?

Up to two small, personal items may be brought on the bus and stored in overhead bins, or underneath the seat in front of you. Personal items may not occupy the seat next to you. Larger pieces of luggage may be stored in the stowage compartments under the bus. You may bring up to 3 pieces of luggage to stow underneath the bus. Bicycles, skis, or snowboards each count as one piece of luggage. The driver will open the compartments for you, but it is your responsibility to load and unload all of your luggage. Please keep in mind that we cannot transport bags/boxes without passengers present because we are not a freight, delivery, or courier service. State laws prohibit this type of transport without proper licensing. Kindly refer to the appropriate agencies if you need this type of service. *Bustang/Ace Express Coaches/CDOT will not be liable for any lost luggage items. You are responsible for your own luggage. 

Where can I buy tickets?

Single trip tickets will be sold on all buses from each park-and-ride. Passengers are able to pay their fare when boarding the bus using cash only (no bills larger than $20). Passengers without exact change will be issued a fare credit to be used on Bustang fare only. No change will be dispensed for onboard fare purchases. Advance tickets and ticket packages can be purchased in the "Fares and Tickets" tab of the Bustang website and via the Bustang mobile app (available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store). Passengers who purchase a ticket online will receive an email receipt with a ticket barcode, which they should print and present when boarding the bus. Passengers purchasing through the Bustang mobile app will have a ticket barcode in the app. Please do NOT activate this ticket until you are boarding the bus (ticket will expire within 30 minutes of activation). There will be no physical tickets issued for the mobile app.

For RamsRoute tickets, click on the RamsRoute tab on the website’s main menu, and follow the ticket purchase links. RamsRoute tickets are not available in the mobile app.

For Bustang to Broncos tickets, click on the Bustang to Broncos tab on the website’s main menu, and follow the ticket purchase links. Bustang to Broncos tickets are not available in the mobile app.

Can I reserve a seat in advance?

Seat reservations are not available on Bustang. Reliability is key to customers being satisfied with the service and returning to use it again and again. The overload issue has been a particular concern for inter-state bus services, with widely-spaced departure times. As a public transit & commuter service, the closely spaced departure times for Bustang allow the service to accommodate passengers more easily. Bustang service also has spare buses on the route which can be deployed to meet peaks in customer demands. RamsRoute ticket purchases do guarantee a seat, only for the weekend shown on the ticket.

Can I cancel my trip after ticket purchase?

Cancellations for refund will not be accepted for Bustang service. Bustang’s regular tickets will be valid for up to 1-year from purchase date and can be used on any Bustang trip of the same cost within that 1-year period. Once a ticket has been used the designated number of times (whether 1, 10, 20 or 40) the ticket is no longer valid, regardless of the expiration date. Bustang’s RamsRoute tickets are valid only during the weekend listed on the ticket.

Can I use my multi-ride ticket for group travel?

Multi-ride tickets are only intended for individual use by frequent Bustang riders. Multi-ride tickets may not be used for group ticket purchases. For group travel, please purchase the necessary amount of single-ride tickets. 

How do I download the Bustang mobile app? What kind of services/information will it provide?

The Bustang mobile app is available for download in at the Apple App Store for iPhone devices and in the Google Play Store for Android devices.  This app provides schedule and fare information, and allows for in-app ticket purchases. Mobile tickets may not transfer properly to new mobile devices. If you have a new mobile phone or tablet and cannot load prior ticket purchases, please call us at 800-900-3011 with your ticket purchase information.

For information on RamsRoute, please refer to the website’s RamsRoute page.

Why can't I see my mobile app tickets on my new phone?

If you have recently purchased a new device, you will have to call our customer service line to request a ticket transfer. Please call (800)900-3011 and provide your ticket purchase information so that we can transfer your mobile app tickets to your new device. 

Can I transfer to Bustang service from my existing bus service provider?

There will be options to connect from select park-and-rides with the following transit partner agencies: Roaring Fork Transit Authority, Eagle County Transit, Vail Transportation, Summit Stage, Mountain Metro, Transfort and RTD. Amtrak and Greyhound connections can also be made. Separate fare purchases must be made for these transit providers and for Bustang service.

Can I use Bustang service for travel within my Metro Area?

Passengers who are traveling within the Denver Metro Area, Colorado Springs Metro Area, or the Fort Collins Metro Area will not be accepted. Bustang service is intended for intercity travel between major regional centers. Please utilize your local transit provider for travel within your Metro Area.

Does Bustang go to Denver International Airport (DIA)?

No, we do not provide service to DIA. You can connect to RTD’s A-Line Train at Denver Union Station. For more information, please go to: http://www.rtd-denver.com/a-line.shtml

Does Bustang provide service on holidays?

Bustang's North and South lines do not provide service on the following major holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day/4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

We will provide service on all other holidays, unless otherwise announced. West Line runs 365 days/year. 

I will be traveling with infants/small children. Are the seats equipped to handle car seats? Is there storage available on the bus for strollers?

The seats will have seatbelts that allow for car seats to be strapped in.  There are also storage bins on the outside of bus that provide room for strollers and other necessary equipment to be stored.

Can my child travel alone on Bustang?

Any children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to travel alone. All children 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. This is for the safety of your child. 

What if I missed the bus or my connection after hours? Will there be a Guaranteed Ride home?

CDOT is teaming with the local transit partners who provide a Guaranteed Ride Home including travelers in northern Colorado and in the Denver metro area. Currently there is not a guaranteed ride home in the Pikes Peak region but discussions are in progress.

There might be times that essential services travelers might need assistance going to hospitals in Denver. How will that work?

CDOT is working with the Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC) for guidance and assistance to enable passengers to get to their destination.

I left something behind on my Bustang bus. How can I retrieve it?

For lost item inquiries, please call our Customer Service line at (800)900-3011. Please provide the customer service representative with as much detail as possible about your lost item so that we can effectively identify your belongings. All items are kept for 30 days and Electronics are kept 90 days. We do not send items with drivers, so you must come and retrieve your item from our Ace Express Coaches office in Golden: 14000 W 44th Ave, Golden, CO 80403. Proper identification should be presented for pick-up. If you are unable to come to our Golden office to retrieve your items, you may send us a postage-paid and addressed package so that we may mail the item to you. 

Policy regarding service animals and pets

Pets are not allowed on Bustang buses. 

Service animals are allowed on Bustang buses. Emotional Support Animals are NOT service animals, but are allowed on Bustang buses on a limited basis, as defined below. Passengers must always disclose the presence of a service animal or emotional support animal to the driver, prior to boarding the bus. Failure to disclose this information may be grounds for removal from the bus. 

Per Part 37.167 (d) of the US Code Title 49 Subpart G, public transit providers are required to allow service animals to accompany their handlers onto the transit vehicle, in this case the Bustang buses:

(d) The entity shall permit service animals to accompany individuals with disabilities in vehicles and facilities.  

Part 37.3 defines a service animal as “any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding individuals with impaired vision, alerting individuals with impaired hearing to intruders or sounds, providing minimal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items.”

Emotional Support Animals and therapy dogs will only be allowed on Bustang buses if they are contained within a pet carrier for the entire duration of the trip. The animal may not be removed from the carrier while it is on the bus. This carrier must fit under the seat in front of the passenger, or on the passenger’s lap. The carrier may NOT be placed on an adjacent seat, nor can it impede the space of an adjacent seat or the aisle. In order for a carrier to fit underneath the seat, it must not exceed the following dimensions: 16”x14”x10”. If an Emotional Support Animal is not contained within a carrier, as described, it will not be allowed on the bus. Animals will NOT be stowed underneath the bus under any circumstances. 

The operator can Remove or Exclude the Animal:

  • – If a direct threat to the health or safety of others
  • – If not housebroken 
  • – If out of control and individual/handler does not take effective action

Control = Have harness, leash, or other tether. Be under voice control, signal or other means when handler is unable because of a disability to use tether, or the tether’s use would interfere with the animal's safe, effective performance.

Any animals classified as reptiles, rodents, or arachnids are EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED from boarding Bustang buses, under any and all circumstances. 

Is there a fare charged for someone accompanying an individual with a disability?

Fare guidance for companions and personal care attendants is under the US Code Title 49 Subpart F paratransit section, Part 37.129, even though Bustang is not a paratransit service. Companions are charged the same fare as the passenger with a disability they are accompanying. Personal care attendants ride free. Please contact us regarding providing us with personal care attendant qualifying information.

As per Part 37.123 of the US Code Title 49, to prevent potential abuse, the rule provides that a companion (e.g., friend or family member) does not count as a personal care attendant unless the eligible individual regularly makes use of a personal care attendant and the companion is actually acting in that capacity. As noted under §37.125,
a provider may require that, as part of the initial eligibility certifi cation process, an individual indicate whether he or she travels with a personal care attendant. If someone does not indicate the use of an attendant, then any individual accompanying him or her would be regarded simply as a companion.

Will the driver announce stops in advance, and will there be simultaneous visual signage/notifi cation?

Each bus will eventually have automated stop notifications, which will include both audio announcements and an LED screen displaying the name of the next stop/station. Until that feature becomes available the Driver will announce all stops.

Is medical equipment allowed on buses for individuals with disabilities?

Per Part 37.167 (h) of the US Code Title 49, respirators or portable oxygen equipment is permitted:
(h) The entity shall not prohibit an individual with a disability from traveling with a respirator or portable oxygen supply, consistent with applicable Department of Transportation rules on the transportation of hazardous materials (49 CFR subtitle B, chapter 1, subchapter C).

If the on-board restroom is not accessible for a passenger with a disability, can unscheduled rest stops be requested?

Per Part 37.3 of the US Code Title 49, a Bustang bus is defi ned as an Over-the-Road Bus (OTRB) because the passenger deck is located over a baggage compartment. So as per Part 37.201 (c) of the US Code Title 49, unscheduled rest stops are not required for express runs under three hours. For travel times exceeding 3 hours, an effort will be made to accommodate unscheduled rest stop requests for passengers with disabilities who are unable to use the restroom. However, the stop is not required.

Restroom stops for people with disabilities will only be accommodated on the West Route which has a travel time exceeding 3 hours.  Accessible restrooms are available at Vail Transportation Center and Frisco Center.  Please notify the driver well in advance if you will be requesting an unscheduled restroom stop.

Per Part 37.201 (a) of the US Code Title 49, if an intermediate or rest stop is made, a passenger with a disability,including an individual using a wheelchair, shall be permitted to leave and return to the bus on the same basis as other passengers.

Why does the Bustang service not provide a comparable complementary paratransit service?

Per Part 37.121 (c) of the US Code Title 49, requirements for complementary paratransit do not apply since the Bustang service is a commuter bus service.


Drivers reserve the right to detour in order to go to an emergency or law enforcement facility when conditions warrant. Drivers may also detour due to road conditions.